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What are the Healthy Start Prenatal & Infant Risk Screens?

The Florida Healthy Start Prenatal Risk Screen is a simple, brief questionnaire that helps you identify factors in a pregnant woman’s life and environment, both medical and psychosocial that might limit growth and development of her infant.  The Healthy Start Prenatal Risk Screen is the first step in introducing your patients to the many supportive services of the Healthy Start Program.  The Florida Healthy Start Infant Risk Screen is a simple, brief questionnaire that helps the birthing facility identify infants who are at risk for adverse health and developmental outcomes and post-neonatal or infant mortality.  Healthy Start offers pregnant women assistance in finding services that can help them have a healthy baby (i.e. home visits, childbirth education/preparation, parenting education and support, nutritional counseling, smoking cessation, and breastfeeding education). Services are tailored to a woman based on her needs.

Who should be screened for the Healthy Start Prenatal & Infant Risk Screens?

Every pregnant woman should be offered the confidential Healthy Start Prenatal Risk Screen. It is available to all women, not only Medicaid patients, and services can continue for newborn babies through the age of 3. Healthy Start is a free and voluntary program. If a woman would like to enroll in Healthy Start, she should ask her doctor or healthcare provider.  Florida State Statute, 383.14 (FAC 64-C) states, “The health care provider delivering prenatal services shall assure that a prenatal risk screen is completed and risk status is determined at every pregnant woman’s initial visit.” Women who score 6 or more on the prenatal screen should be referred for services.

In addition, the Healthy Start Infant Risk Screen is offered for all infants born in Florida before leaving the delivering facility.  Encourage every mother to participate in Healthy Start when their infant’s score of 4 or more, indicates the infant is at high risk.

Healthy Start does not replace the care you provide. We help support women with any issues that might affect their health and the health and wellbeing of their babies. What a tremendous opportunity to work together to ensure that Tri-County Area delivers and nurtures happy, healthy babies!

How to access the Healthy Start Prenatal & Infant Risk Screens?

If your office needs more Healthy Start Prenatal Risk Screens please contact your local Community Liaison or click the link below to access the screen and print:

Prenatal Screen

The Healthy Start Infant Risk Screen is accessible online at your facility, but if your facility needs a paper copy please follow the link below and print:

Infant Screen

What to do once the Healthy Start Prenatal & Infant Risk Screens are completed?

Once the screen is completed discuss with your patient what her score means. Explain to her how she and her baby can benefit from Healthy Start Services. Then follow the process listed below.
1. Give the Green Copy to the Patient
2. Put the Pink Copy in the Patient’s Recordprenatal
3. Mail the Yellow Copy to the address listed below within 5 Days

Florida Department of Health In Hardee County
Attention: Healthy Start Clerk
115 K. D. Revell Road
Wauchula, FL 33873

For Highlands and Polk Counties: 
1290 Golfview Avenue – 4th Floor
Attention: Healthy Start Program – Room 422
Bartow, FL 33830


To access Healthy Start Prenatal and Infant Screen Rates please call or email your Community Liaison.

Tonya Akwetey, (863-221-2635) – Polk County or

Holly Parker, (863-381-0114) – Hardee and Highlands Counties.

The screen rates are available on the 25th day of each month for the previous month.