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Connecting families to important help for a better life.

This Healthy Start Family Connect service is free and helps connect families to things that can make life easier. It gives support and resources to moms, babies, and families so they can have the best start. If you are pregnant or have kids under 3 years old, you can join. There are many services you can choose from, and you get to decide which ones you want. If you want to know more, fill out the form below, and one of our pregnancy navigators will connect you with the things you need.

These services are for pregnant women, families, and caregivers with young children.

Home visitation is when someone comes to your home to assist you and your baby as you get used to your new life.
These services give important advice and support to moms, helping them feel more confident in being parents. The advice is personalized and can help with specific needs and worries.

Home visits are good for the health and feelings of moms. They can find and deal with any health issues after having a baby, like feeling depressed or worried, and connect moms to the right help. This support can make new moms feel less alone and stressed.

Also, these home services can make the connection between moms and babies stronger. They teach important ways to take care of and bond with babies. This help can make babies grow well and improve how the whole family gets along.

Getting advice on staying healthy and eating well is important for your body when you're pregnant and after you have your baby.
It’s valuable to know what to eat to keep both you and your baby healthy during pregnancy. Eating the right foods helps the baby grow and keeps you feeling good, both physically and emotionally.

While you’re pregnant, it’s important to get advice on having a balanced diet that gives you the extra nutrients you need. You also need to know which foods are good for you and which ones you should have less of.

After you have your baby, eating healthy helps you recover from giving birth and gives you the nutrients you need if you’re breastfeeding.

Getting advice helps you make smart choices that keep you healthy, speed up recovery, and make sure your baby gets all the right nourishment.

Childbirth Education
Learning about childbirth is helpful for soon-to-be parents. These classes review what happens during pregnancy, labor, and when the baby is born. You learn about the different stages of labor and ways to manage pain, which can make parents feel less worried and more in control of their birth plan.

These classes also encourage parents to talk and work together with their healthcare providers. They teach ways to relax and handle the tough parts of labor, making sure parents are ready both physically and emotionally.

Getting advice on taking care of your newborn to make sure your baby is safe and healthy.
In the first days and weeks after having a baby, new parents might feel a bit lost. Having expert guidance is like having a helpful guide to show you the way.

This advice covers many important things, like how to feed and help your baby sleep, changing diapers, giving baths, and knowing when something might be wrong. It helps parents know what to do and feel confident in taking the best care of their new baby. It also helps build a strong and loving connection with the baby while making sure they are in a safe and comfy place.

Parenting education and support
Parenting education and support are here to help people and families figure out how to raise their children. They offer helpful information, advice, and tools to make parenting skills better. This helps caregivers understand child development, how to handle discipline and talk with their kids, and create a happy family.

This makes parents feel less alone and stressed. By dealing with challenges and showing good parenting, these programs help kids and families do better, allowing the next generation grow and succeed.

Support and counseling for stress
When you’re pregnant, your body and feelings go through a lot of changes, and it can be stressful. You might worry about the baby’s health or feel unsure about becoming a parent.

These services create a caring and understanding space where both women and men can talk about their worries, fears, and questions. The people who work in these services can give advice on how to handle stress, offer emotional support, and give practical tips to manage it better.

After having a baby, managing stress is still super important. These services help new moms figure out how to take care of their baby while dealing with their own changes. They also make sure moms are doing well and help both the mom and the baby stay healthy and happy.

Learning about and getting help with breastfeeding.
Breastfeeding is a special way for moms to give their babies important nutrients while creating a strong bond. Even though it’s a natural thing, it can be tricky, and moms might face challenges.

Education and assistance on breastfeeding give important tips on the right techniques, such as how to position the baby, and ensuring a good latch for successful breastfeeding. It also talks about common worries like not having enough milk or feeling uncomfortable. These services also provide emotional support and give moms the knowledge and confidence to handle breastfeeding, whether they decide to do it exclusively or mix it with formula feeding.

Stay healthy and avoid harmful habits like smoking or using drugs.
These programs create a helpful and organized space where people can learn about making good choices for a healthy lifestyle. They give information, resources, and guidance to help individuals overcome challenges and aim to decrease the chances of getting long-term illnesses, improve mental health, and make life better overall.
Tools for parents to know how their child is growing and help them do well in school.
These resources are important for building a strong base for a child’s learning journey. They give parents useful information about how their child is thinking, making friends, and handling emotions. This helps parents know where their child might need some extra help. From knowing what a child should learn at different ages to tips on making a loving home, these tools help parents be a big part of their child’s growth and learning.

By using these tools, parents can help their child do well in school and beyond. It’s not just about getting ready for classes, but also about encouraging a child’s curiosity, creativity, and self-confidence. This all adds up to making sure the child is happy and loves learning for their whole life.

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